Semantic Challenges for the WoD

September 22th, 2016

Wouter Beek (

Beek & Rietveld & Bazoobandi & Wielemaker & Schlobach “LOD laundromat: A Uniform Way of Publishing Other People’s Dirty Data” ISWC, 2014.

Run algorithms over ±600,000 datasets

L. Rietveld & W. Beek & S. Schlobach, “LOD Lab: Experiments at LOD Scale”, International Semantic Web Conference, 2015 (Best Paper Award).

Two types of meaning

Formal meaning

DL, OWL, Model Theory

Social meaning

Linked Data, SKOS,

Are names meaningful?

De Rooij & Beek & Bloem & Schlobach & Van Harmelen, ‘Are Names Meaningful? Quantifying Social Meaning on the Semantic Web’ in ISWC, 2016.

Are these identical?

We need alt semantic solutions!

Beek & Schlobach & Van Harmelen, ‘A Contextualised Semantics for owl:sameAs’ in International Semantic Web Conference, p. 405--419, 2016.

Regularity in Knowledge Graphs that is not captured by formal semantics.

Thank you!