Triply and the Benefits of
Linked CBS Data

Laurens Rietveld (
Wouter Beek (

What's in a Name?

3594BAG IDKadaster
129293095BRT registration areaKadaster
129513741BRT placeKadaster
GM0363CBSno link yet…
2759793GeoNamesLOD Cloud
Q9899WikidataLOD Cloud
271110OpenStreetMapLOD Cloud

Links Lead Into the Linked Open Data Cloud

Our Customers Want to Query the CBS as Linked Data

Information about my house: What's the neighborhood crime rate? Is this a child-friendly neighborhood?
Social history: How did the population compostion of Amsterdam neighborhoods change through time?

So Triply has published CBS Wijken en Buurten 2009-2016 as Linked Data.

A simple Linked Data query

Query: Show the municipalities with the highest population density.

Answer: link

Sources: Population size from CBS, surface polygon from Kadaster, flag from Wikidata.


  • Authoritative dereferencing
  • Modeling choices
  • Cheap heterogeneous data integration