Aligning Knowledge Graphs

Wouter Beek (


  1. Instance Alignment
  2. Conceptual Alignment
  3. Hierarchic Alignment

Organization-wide ETL example


  • Archives (EAD)
  • Collections (MARCXML)
  • CMS (Drupal REST API)
  • Media assets (file server)
  • Pure (JSON)

ETL Example: STCN

Semi-structured source

Janus Dousa filius (1571-1596) (ISNI 0000 0000 7728 8912)

Structured target

id:069409773 schema:name "Janus Dousa filius";
             owl:sameAs isni:0000000077288912;
             schema:birthDate "1571"^^xsd:gYear;
             schema:deathDate "1596"^^xsd:gYear;
             stcn:ppn "069409773".

Instance Alignment

Explicit alignment

Two datasets share the same identifier.

Explicit Alignment Example: STCN & VIAF


Conceptual Alignment


Hierarchic Alignment

Detailed vocabulary that is dataset-specific.

High-level vocabulary that is generic/shared.

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